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Some Parents Wander By Mistake

Recommendation: Beautiful book

When my son was approaching his first birthday I went searching for something special he could enjoy both as a child and as a keepsake for when he’s all grown up. As I still own a personalised book from when I was little I thought that would be perfect. So my search began.

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Gender critical in a binary world

I’m well aware that identifying as a gender critical feminist is going to have put some people off me already. Possibly some will have decided I’m transphobic and written off everything I have to say already. If you think that gender critical feminism and transphobia go hand in hand but have read this far, bear with me, I want to point a few things out about myself.

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Rapists aren’t cartoon villains

If you haven’t watched it yet I strongly advise you to watch the latest Feminist Frequency video on Women as Background Decoration.

One of the points she raises is that violence against female characters is used as a shortcut to establishing a character as evil, and in doing so portrays sexual violence as something done by only evil cartoon villains.

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Finding a place and sense of worth in feminism

When I was younger I was a bit of an awkward girl, I was never into the girlie girlie stuff, but at the same time I was no tomboy. I was painfully shy, and that was made worse by not feeling like I had enough in common with people, so I found it hard to relate and join in.

I know many people tried to fit me into the tomboy box, I hated the colour pink and would refuse dresses and skirts.

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Magical vaginas

I have to confess, I got far too much pleasure from writing that title.

In case you’ve missed it a quick recap. A female games developer (who has already been getting a lot of hate for daring to be a woman in the games industry and having the gall to point out the games industry has a problem with sexism) split up with her boyfriend. Said boyfriend then wrote a blog and went to 4chan to accuse her of cheating on him with 5 guys. One of these guys was a games journalist who had given her positive reviews. Now people are up in arms about her corrupting the games industry.

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I appear to be allergic to being female

Thought I’d write a quick post on a point I made in my last post, just because it’d be a bit of a derailment in that post, but I also look like I’ve gone mad without an explanation.

So yes, I appear to be allergic to being female.

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Binary is for computers: The rewrite

I wrote a blog post the other day on gender identity and it’s been bugging me ever since as I didn’t feel it was very well written. That’s the problem with writing blog posts at gone midnight after a day of screaming children. So as my husband has taken the kids to his mum’s today I thought I attempt a rewrite that makes a little more sense.

If I fail to make any more sense here though, please read this post and realise that I agree with every word of it.

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Binary is for computers

Edit: There is a rewrite of some of the points in this post here.

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that my style icons are people like Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, et al. I love my red lipstick and my 50’s dresses. All my favourite clothes just scream “womanly”. It is a look I get a lot of enjoyment from, but it is also a complicated ideal for me.

I used to enjoy a much more androgynous look. My inspiration back then was a long list of men in makeup. Richey James, Nicky Wire, Johnny Slut, Brian Slade.. I may have fancied some of them, but mostly I wanted to be them.

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Guest Post: The cocoon of innocence and the emergence of the self-hater

This post is a Guest Post by my husband, about being admitted to a Psych Unit aged 13. Be aware these events happened in 1999-2000, so not the dim and distant past.
– MoG

It started with a tear. No, this is not some goth poetry to the tune of a Marilyn Manson dirge.
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So tired

In case anyone is wondering, the reason the blog has gone quiet is the same reason I’m up at 1am. My 6 month old daughter is wailing like a banshee, same as she has been every night for weeks now. I’m having to type one handed while rocking her. I’m so exhausted that writing more than a paragraph is tough, plus my wrists and upper back are in excruciating pain from all the rocking/bouncing. So this blog is on a break until I am able to dedicate some time/energy to it again. Frustrating as I have so much I want to write about.


I am still on Twitter though as I can just about manage 140 characters at a time. Find me on @MurderOfGoths


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