OOTD: Not your usual princess t-shirt

For those of you who’ve previously read my blog, this post is a bit of a change of pace.

I’ve found my weight hard for a variety of reasons, as I’ve previously blogged about (TW on that link), and now I know my health problems are definitely not going away I need to find a way to live with my body. And hopefully learn to love it.

While from a feminist point of view focusing on fashion seems a little  misguided, it seems to help me so that is a focus now. Plus I know seeing other plus size beauty bloggers – especially those with similar body shapes to my own – has helped give me a little more self confidence. And if I can pass it on, I would like to.

Anyway, on to my outfit today.

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Garden Project

I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge, this year I plan to draw all the flowers that grow in our garden. Every single one. I am possibly mad.

My husband is the gardener in the family, and he got a slightly wicked grin on his face when I told him. So suspect he’ll be throwing a few challenges my way.

This will be a year long project with constant updates, so if you are here before March 2016 then you haven’t seen the completed project yet. Do check back.


Feminist Love In

This project will be for women who, whether they ID as feminist or not, have done things which benefit or celebrate women.

This is a continually updated project, so feel free to check back.

Last Updated: 19/03/15