BADD 2015: A Game of Spoons

It’s that time of year again, it’s Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015, a time to raise awareness of the issues people with various disabilities face. You’ll be able to see other blogs on the same subject by following @BADDtweets or #badd2015, there is also a facebook page.

I posted two posts last year, Worst Things You Can Say and Employ me? Work and disability hurdles. Since then I’ve got my diagnosis (hello hypermobility syndrome) and I’m starting to figure out how to manage daily life, now I can understand what is likely to trigger the worst pain. Part of that is knowing that everything I do, no matter how small, has an effect.

I remember the revelation of reading about Spoon Theory, and realising that it made perfect sense with how my days go, so with that in mind, and with my new understanding of my disability I thought I’d break down the kinds of decisions you have to make every day when you have a chronic pain condition. It’s something I find a lot of people struggle to understand, and can lead to some problems with the way Spoonies are treated. Yes, sometimes we do fun things that require more exertion, but what you aren’t seeing is how much we have to sacrifice to be able to “afford” to do those things. Try to remember the daily choices we have to make next time you find yourself doubting a Spoonie, or thinking they are just lazy.

Note that this is written from my experience, other spoonies will have different decisions to make.

Here’s the rules of the game, you can choose any options you want on each section, but you only have 20 spoons, once they are gone you don’t get any more and it’s Game Over.

So.. are you ready to play a Game of Spoons?

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Preparing for Samhain

Some of you may be thinking I’m a little bit early, some more of you may be thinking, “what on earth is Samhain?”

I best start with answering that question. It’s a Pagan festival that happens on the 31st October and it marks the end of the harvest and beginning of Winter. You will also know it as Hallowe’en.

So now all of you are thinking I’m a little bit early. But I’m not..

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Sisterhood thanks to #PlusSizeWars and #WeAreTheThey

The last few days have been incredible, and quite emotional. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and will always treasure having been there for it.

It all started with Plus Sized Wars, a programme on Channel 4 about plus size bloggers and plus size fashion. As the time approached for it to air almost my whole Twitter timeline seemed to be holding it’s breath. Was this going to be a horrific car crash of a TV show? Were we going to see beloved bloggers used as cannon fodder in the name of controversial television?

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Competition: Win a portrait by me!

It’s my Birthday this Tuesday, and I wanted to do something different for it, and as I’m finding it easier to draw now I can manage the pain, I thought I’d run a competition.


The prize is a portrait drawn by me. All you need to do is provide me with a good resolution image to work from. The bigger the better, but I can work from images from about 1000×1000 pixels.

Anyone can enter, but only UK residents will be eligible for a 7×5″ print of their portrait when it’s finished.

The contest will end on the 26th April 2015 and then you will be entered in to a raffle. I’ll notify the winner on Monday the 27th.

Competition is now closed

In case you are new to my blog, here are some examples of my work. More here.

Good luck everyone!