Competition: Win a portrait by me!

It’s my Birthday this Tuesday, and I wanted to do something different for it, and as I’m finding it easier to draw now I can manage the pain, I thought I’d run a competition.


The prize is a portrait drawn by me. All you need to do is provide me with a good resolution image to work from. The bigger the better, but I can work from images from about 1000×1000 pixels.

Anyone can enter, but only UK residents will be eligible for a 7×5″ print of their portrait when it’s finished.

The contest will end on the 26th April 2015 and then you will be entered in to a raffle. I’ll notify the winner on Monday the 27th.

To enter just follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or RT a tweet. More of those you do the more chances you get in the raffle. Just don’t forget to fill in the form linked to below to be entered!

Enter here to win

In case you are new to my blog, here are some examples of my work. More here.

Good luck everyone!


#DropThePlus – please listen instead of misrepresenting our views

I was intrigued by a linkback I got to one of my #DropThePlus blog posts. It was written by someone in favour of #DropThePlus and on first reading I couldn’t  see why I was getting a linkback, so I read it again, and then a third time. Until I spotted that the link to my blog was in this paragraph..

While some argue that the reason it’s good to use the term “plus size” because, in the modeling and fashion industries, a size 4 or above is larger compared to the majority of models

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The Healthy Fattie

One of the most commonly used comebacks to fat hatred is to point out how healthy the plus size target is. It’ll get pointed out that they go to the gym, or race, or do some other active hobby. Their diet will be healthy, loads of salads and cooked from scratch stuff.

Which is a fantastic response to the claims that fat always means unhealthy and that being fat instantly makes someone a strain on medical resources. No problems there right?

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The Diet Industry and triggers

I have to admit, this is a post about a specific conversation. But it got me thinking, and it got me thinking about something that I find tough to think about. So I figured getting it out of my system might stop it circling around in my mind.

You may have read before that I have struggled with disordered eating. I still struggle with the thoughts and still have the same triggers.

I want to talk about some of those. Shouldn’t need saying, but trigger warnings galore here.

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#DropThePlus and our daughters

Sorry to be repetitive, but I’ve been reading more on the #DropThePlus campaign and it got me thinking. Lovely as Ajay is, I’m sorry to say the more I think about it the less keen I am on it. Though I agree totally with their desire to make a better world for girls, and applaud them for their attempts, if not their methods.

I suspect this will be a long post.

Edit: Just wanted to link to this which shows up a few more concerns with this campaign.

Edit again: And then this.

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Being stalked – a follow up

I wrote that post about Jamie Dornan yesterday in a rage, and with little time to do so. Then as the day wore on and I thought about it in a bit more depth I realised there were a lot of issues I didn’t cover.

One of the things that made me realise there was more to cover was the comments I got after posting it – or more specifically the comments I didn’t get.

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