I haven’t always been like this

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There seems to be this idea in the media – and suggested by this government – that those with disabilities have never been “hard working tax payers”, that we’ve always been disabled. I guess I get why they do this, for one it means we look like a massive drain on the system, for another it keeps people safe from the thought that they might end up like us. It could happen to anyone, at any time. You can try and insure against it, but you cannot guarantee that you will never be disabled and reliant on others.

I know, it happened to me.

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5 thoughts on “I haven’t always been like this

  1. phallutious says:

    If you were not almost two decades younger, you could be my long lost twin! It is very comforting to my sanity to read your post. Thank you for sharing your experiences. This is exactly the dilemma I have been facing since a spine injury at 17 years of age … some 31 years ago. People think your just being lazy – it really sucks! (As if I really enjoyed losing my career, marriage, home…).
    Anyway, I am a complete blogging neophyte, but aim to get stuck in as much as my body will tolerate. I have tried many therapies over the years and have made some great progress in natural pain management techniques, which I am happy to share if you are interested.
    Regards, P

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      That would be wonderful, thank you!

      I find that the painkillers I take stop having much effect after a while, and the new ones I’m on make me feel as if I’m drunk, so not much use when looking after a small child.

      I do wonder if the people that think we are being lazy would fancy a swap?

  2. phallutious says:

    Hey there MoG my apologies for disappearing for 10 months – been having some real ‘fun’ times experiencing new setbacks and challenges, but have also progressed on some levels – how are things going for you?

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