I apologise for my disability

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I am writing this to apologise, to apologise sincerely, for all inconvenience/confusion caused by my disability. It is obviously very selfish of me to have not taken other people’s feelings into consideration when deciding to become disabled. I should have chosen a different disability – something more straightforward, something more convenient. I apologise wholeheartedly.

This sounds ludicrous right? Who on earth would think of disability in these terms? You’d be surprised.

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3 thoughts on “I apologise for my disability

  1. Tilly Beyond MN says:

    The way to do it, I’ve found, is if the answer is “yes, but…” then really the answer is no. Imagine there is an “always” in the question. Can you ALWAYS walk. No. Can you ALWAYS stand. No.
    Unfortunately, it gets things done for you, but isn’t so great for the old self esteem. But bugger that, disabled people don’t have that. 😦
    And re children, dont get me started on the fun my poor DH had at gatwick airport, as the disabled buggy thing “couldn’t” let either of the boys on! So the poor bloke had to get our cases on his own, with two toddlers and no buggy. Sigh.

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      That’s pretty much the approach I took with the council, but now they wont let me bid on anything but ground floor flats (of which there are none).

      It does seem us disabled people really aren’t expected to have children doesn’t it?

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