Love, fear and rape

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Yesterday I read an article about men who will admit to rape/sexual assault as long as you don’t use the “R” word. It makes for disturbing reading, and I found myself reading it wondering what one of my exes would answer.

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4 thoughts on “Love, fear and rape

  1. tee2072 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it will help someone else.

    I wish I knew even one woman who had never been sexually assaulted. What a world.

  2. Modern Times says:

    When I was 20 my long time boyfriend and first sexual intercourse partner tried to have anal sex with me when I was drunk one night – and I, like you, had previously been asked repeatedly and had refused repeatedly.

    It is only in the last year that I realized it wasn’t my fault and that what he did was attempted rape. I am 47. What I used to think of fondly as one of the nicest men I’ve dated is now one of a series of abusive/violent men I’ve chosen to partner with.

    Thank-you for writing this (I found your link on the Feminist Current blog comment you left).

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