Worst things you can say

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About a year ago I put a post up on Mumsnet asking what the worst thing people had heard said related to illness or disability. Unfortunately the thread is no longer there, so I can’t link you to it, but it was an eye opening and fairly horrible read.

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8 thoughts on “Worst things you can say

  1. psamum says:

    Oo, i have a similar one…
    Depression also started as a teenager, also alternating self harm and disordered eating
    Psych referral after manic behaviour recently. Manic behaviour written off by community psych nurse as “thats normal”, and then told depression was due to my arthritis, which came on after second pregnancy age 26

    One I think I put on your thread at the time, from a family member “you don’t need that chair, let your mum sit down”. To which my mum answered somewhat sharply, that actually I needed it more than her.

  2. Astrid says:

    I could write a long list of comments made about my mental illness, but my “favorite” is: “So you didn’t get your way and now you’re acting like a child? You’re an adult!” As if 1. the reason I had a meltdown was about getting my way, and 2. I had suddenly stopped realizing I am an adult whilst in a meltdown (as if thoughts about my age cross my mind then).

  3. Hev says:

    “I know one of my friends was told she couldn’t be depressed as she was “too eloquent”.”

    To this day I still can’t see that doctor, she still works at my local surgery. If I get given an appointment with her I would rather wait a few more days to see someone else.

    I was told at the age of 16 by a councillor that my self harm was a habit, like smoking. Really not helpful.

  4. therealthunderchild says:

    My pet hate was fellow medics slagging off a depressed patient for going to a bar.
    I mean, bloody hell, quite apart from the effort required in going out AT ALL, if anyone’s entitled to try and cheer themselves up it’s the depressed , surely?
    When I succumbed myself, it made me very solitary because I thought everyone would be judging if I tried to have a life. And guess what, I knew from before that I was right.

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