Yes All Women

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I have a love/hate relationship with the #YesAllWomen hashtag. I love that it’s raising awareness, but I hate that it needs to exist at all. It makes for infuriating reading, but is also so damn familiar at the same time.

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5 thoughts on “Yes All Women

  1. Charles Copley says:

    There is no such concept as universal sisterhood, or that all women share the same experiences. It is a gross over-simplification, and wipes out the unique experiences every woman goes through.

    Honestly, I think was of the unintended consequences of sexual liberation, that women are no longer bound to be another’s, is that some men take it to mean they can have sex with any woman they choose. Even if she did really have a boyfriend…I mean, look at the song “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias. (It’s a fave song of mine, but it’ll explain my point.) The lyrics go “My girlfriend’s out of town, I am all alone/Your boyfriend’s on vacation, he doesn’t have to know.” Hook-up culture doesn’t help, either; neither do female chauvinists who now look at men as pieces of meat yet decry when men treat them the same.

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      I do like your attempt to shift the blame from men who refuse to let a woman say no to the women, however it is a weak argument. It is based on the idea that pre-sexual liberation men were always perfect gentlemen and never ever went for women who were unavailable, which is total nonsense. Try harder.

      • Charles Copley says:

        I am not shifting the blame away from these men, and I am not saying men before the sexual liberation movements were perfect gentlemen (I know of a few Don Juans in my geneology). I am just pointing out one of the unforeseen fallouts of the women’s liberation movement, is that some men see women as always sexually available, regardless if they are in a relationship (presuming monogamy, of course) or not. With the post-feminist rise of hook-up culture, friend-with-benefits, and the polyamory movement, some men will unfortunately mistake it as women being sexually available to satisfy urges.

        Maybe it’s time, then, for women to learn self-defense, or carry arms, or learn to go places in groups so to prevent stuff from happening. You go into areas where drugs and alcohol are served, or people will try to act all macho, you know someone is going to act like a jerk. Women who dress to attract others will attract not only people they want to attract, but guys they don’t like, either. Freedom is a two-way street. I’m not “blaming the victim”, but precautions must be taken.

  2. luvtheheaven says:

    When I started reading this post here, I read: “I have a love/hate relationship with the #YesAllWomen hashtag. I love that it’s raising awareness, but…” and I thought “maybe she’ll have the same criticism as me?” but sure enough, no. You didn’t. No one does.

    The reason I am not the #1 biggest fan of the “#YesAllWomen” hashtag is that… I have pretty much nothing to contribute to it. That for me, things that apply to “all” women don’t often apply to me, and yet I am certainly a fellow cis-woman. I feel like it is either disingenuous or mistaken to imply that every woman in Western culture has experienced most/all of the things on the hastag. Yet whenever I see people blogging about this, it was “yes, it’s completely true, all women experience this” and here I am feeling awful for the women who go through these things, but not fully relating.

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