“I am a poser and I don’t care, I like to make people stare”

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A slightly silly start to this blog post, but I do love this song and it is kind of what I wanted to talk about.

As my blog title suggests I’m a little bit of a goth (unless you are totally unaware of it being a play on “murder of crows” and are one of the odd breed who think it means I want to kill goths), and so no stranger to standing out in a crowd, or at least, that’s how I used to be.

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2 thoughts on ““I am a poser and I don’t care, I like to make people stare”

  1. Jeanne de Montbaston says:

    I found this so interesting (and that green dress in your photos is amazing, as are the pink boots!).

    I’m not a mum, nor disabled, but when I was badly depressed I found myself dressing more boringly, and feeling miserable about it. I realized I also enjoy chatting to other women about clothes – it is such nonsense that women dress up to compete with each other. I think we *do* dress for each other, but because it’s fun.

    Your name makes me think this fabric would be good for you (if you can sew, or just because I think it’s pretty cool): http://ep.yimg.com/ay/hartsfabric/alexander-henry-midnight-pastoral-toile-fabric-black-white-4.png

    Hope you get your mojo back soon.

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