“Look at her, how dare she let us look at her!”

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I’ve just taken a break from playing my recent Steam/GOG purchases and stopped clock watching for the new flash deals to write about sexism and gaming.

For starters it was stupid that I felt the need to add the above sentence, if I was a male gamer writing about the games industry would I feel the need to start by “proving” I was a gamer? Probably not. Nevertheless, even with the above sentence I’m sure I’ll be accused of faking it to be “cool”, or just being a casual gamer, or just lying for the hell of it, maybe I’m a feminist infiltrator? The chances of these accusations rise even further if I were to appear dressed up, especially in something revealing, because boobs obviously interfere in gaming.

For the record, I won’t be.

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One thought on ““Look at her, how dare she let us look at her!”

  1. genderneutrallanguage says:

    You seem to miss the points entirely.

    To start with in games male armor is every bit as impractical as female armor. It is just impractical in a different way. Female armor is barely there male armor is far to excessive to be practical. The amount of armor males wear in WOW would weigh in at about 8 tons. The dudes are walking around with VW beetles strapped to their chest and back, but it does LOOK impressive.

    “Scantily clad female characters provided by men for their financial profit = ok. Scantily clad real women doing so for her own profit = evil”

    No, not really. Selling sex fantasies for profit is just fine, male or female. The issue isn’t selling sex fantasies, it is with the claim “For the love of gaming”. If one of the sex cam girls plays games as a prop, no one is going to call her out on being a “Fake Gamer Girl”. She is not a gamer girl, she is a sex cam girl using gaming as a prop. It is with the false representation of the product “gaming stream” vs “Sex Stream” that is the issue.

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