Finding a place and sense of worth in feminism

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When I was younger I was a bit of an awkward girl, I was never into the girlie girlie stuff, but at the same time I was no tomboy. I was painfully shy, and that was made worse by not feeling like I had enough in common with people, so I found it hard to relate and join in.

I know many people tried to fit me into the tomboy box, I hated the colour pink and would refuse dresses and skirts.


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3 thoughts on “Finding a place and sense of worth in feminism

  1. Lindsey Loree says:

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story. Feminism is an issue with many subtleties, and is open for misunderstanding at every turn (by feminists, non-feminists, and anti-feminists). I love hearing your experiences and how your understanding evolved. Similar to you I did not always identify with the term. It was about two years ago that I began secretly referring to myself that way, and in the past year I have fully embraced it, going so far as to start my own website even. Now friends send me links about feminist issues all the time, and I’m known for my strongly held beliefs. But I still understand the other side, and help those that haven’t crossed the bridge yet.

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      Absolutely, I can see why people are put off it, because you so rarely look at your own actions in a wider context. And it’s hard to hear that you might be doing things or liking things that have negative sides. I know that was my biggest struggle, accepting that not everything I liked was problem free.

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