#DropThePlus and our daughters

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Sorry to be repetitive, but I’ve been reading more on the #DropThePlus campaign and it got me thinking. Lovely as Ajay is, I’m sorry to say the more I think about it the less keen I am on it. Though I agree totally with their desire to make a better world for girls, and applaud them for their attempts, if not their methods.

I suspect this will be a long post.

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3 thoughts on “#DropThePlus and our daughters

  1. H Lynnea says:

    That last bit is so important – Laura Wells recognizes that being grouped in with the fatties isn’t the end of the world. That being part of that defined group doesn’t have to be stigmatizing unless you let it. So while yes, I’d prefer it if the term plus size was used for people who actually shop in the plus size section of the store, I’m thrilled to have her stand with us in this.

  2. Jenny. says:

    ” making a lot of young girls think that a UK size 12 is somehow above average”

    Its making older women think it too. The amount of posts on MN stating this seems to have increased tenfold in the last 2 years not to mention the body shaming and superiority involved.

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      Absolutely, body shaming seems more and more common doesn’t it? I wish I believed dropping “plus size” would help, but it just seems to me to be more likely to have the opposite effect.

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