The Diet Industry and triggers

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I have to admit, this is a post about a specific conversation. But it got me thinking, and it got me thinking about something that I find tough to think about. So I figured getting it out of my system might stop it circling around in my mind.

You may have read before that I have struggled with disordered eating. I still struggle with the thoughts and still have the same triggers.

I want to talk about some of those. Shouldn’t need saying, but trigger warnings galore here.

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One thought on “The Diet Industry and triggers

  1. Gail (@GailyGumdrops) says:

    I’ve spent the vast majority of my 31 years in a state of self loathing, lacking any kind of real confidence or feeling genuine self worth; I really feel like my life has been negatively affected. It’s only in the past say, 2 and a half years that I feel like I’ve grasped the opportunity to break out of the constant cycle of insecurity and ridiculously arbitrary standards that these kinds of books and magazines promote but still, despite being able to see them for what they really are it so often so exhausting and tedious. The way other women sometimes talk to me really reflects that their self image is still heavily influenced by the media and the diet industry, and so their , view of me. The TV is full to the brim of shows equating fat to so many attributes we’re also supposed to view as negative..uh, it just gets too much sometimes.

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