The Healthy Fattie

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One of the most commonly used comebacks to fat hatred is to point out how healthy the plus size target is. It’ll get pointed out that they go to the gym, or race, or do some other active hobby. Their diet will be healthy, loads of salads and cooked from scratch stuff.

Which is a fantastic response to the claims that fat always means unhealthy and that being fat instantly makes someone a strain on medical resources. No problems there right?

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4 thoughts on “The Healthy Fattie

  1. Debz A says:

    YES! I am not a healthy fatty in the sense that I do not exercise and I eat badly – though with no health ‘problems’ as such. I really enjoyed reading this as I agree, we need to have all sorts of role models and show that it is OK to be fat, even if you are unhealthy.. Thanks for sharing!

    • MurderOfGoths says:

      I think what gets me the most is that if you are fat and not healthy you somehow need to atone and then earn the right to be confident. Whereas if you are thin it’d be outrageous to suggest you didn’t deserve to be confident (even if your lifestyle was hideously unhealthy)

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