OOTD: Feeling oh so chic

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I am ecstatic with today’s outfit. It’s my birthday in a week and as a birthday treat my husband sent me out on a shopping trip. So I went and splashed out!

I am quite impressed with my little haul, so thought I’d start with my absolute favourite purchases.

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6 thoughts on “OOTD: Feeling oh so chic

  1. Mother Mands says:

    Very classy! The skirt and the top are great together 😉

    I think once giving birth, etc is out of the way I may go and treat myself and get something a little more glam like this outfit. I have very little fashion sense and never bother much with clothes, but always notice good outfits on other people that suit them 😉

  2. MTMS says:

    Very chic! You look like a European movie star in this outfit.
    I say go buy all the colors you like of that top! I have totally done that before. I find a top I love and I will buy it in every color, and sometimes I will get 2 in the same color (I wear black and purple a LOT) That way when one of them wears out, I still have another to wear.

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