“Well you look fine now” – disability and eating disorders

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I went to see a counsellor a few years back, it was about 6 or so months after my health problems had started. I took a deep breath and decided to speak, for the very first time to anyone, about my disordered eating.

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2 thoughts on ““Well you look fine now” – disability and eating disorders

  1. MTMS says:

    What that counselor sad and did was wrong. Disordered eating is just that, its eating patterns that are disordered. Fat or not, disordered eating is still extremely harmful! I have been there (though my experience was much less severe than yours) and I get it. No one looked twice at what I was eating, or more accurately, what I wasn’t, simply because I was fat.

    No matter what anyone says, YOU know your body better than anyone. You know what makes it feel good (feeding it) and what makes it feel bad (starving). You do what makes YOU feel better. If that is eating comfort food, then eat. If it is driving to save spoons, then drive. Whatever way you decide is best to take care of your body.

    Remember,you are the one living in your body, not anyone else. Take good care of it (it’s hard to love it if you abuse it). Especially with a disability, no one knows better than you what your body needs. Nourish it with tasty food, and take care of it with rest.

    Anyone who says different can take a long walk of a short pier!

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