4 thoughts on “Help me choose a Lindy Bop dress

  1. MTMS says:

    Ok so I totally voted based on which one was *my* favorite. I figured since you like all of them that it was safe to go that way. I love #4. That blue, the neckline…*sigh* it’s gorgeous. However, I can also totally see numbers 2 and 3 as perfect for your style.
    This is hard! 😦
    4 is because it’s my own preference (and it would also look super cute on you)
    2 is because the neckline is pretty and the print is deliciously obnoxious in the best possible way
    3 because it looks very retro and I can see you wearing it with your black lace parasol and a big black hat

    I will say that number 6 is pretty, but for some reason almost seems too….sedate? for you? I’m not sure, I guess it just isn’t as much fun as what you usually wear.

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