BADD 2015: A Game of Spoons

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It’s that time of year again, it’s Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015, a time to raise awareness of the issues people with various disabilities face. You’ll be able to see other blogs on the same subject by following @BADDtweets or #badd2015, there is also a facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “BADD 2015: A Game of Spoons

  1. NTE says:

    So much truth. Having to explain that showers and “doing anything else” have to be accomplished on separate days to any non-spoonie is so frustrating, but it’s my truth. The worst part is when the spoon value of something goes up without warning, and suddenly, making a sandwich ate all of the spoons you thought you had for the rest of the day. Excellent post!

  2. MTMS says:

    Yes! While my spoon supply is better these days, I still think this is SO very accurate! I remember the days where I would debate with myself for 10 minutes over whether a shower would help or hurt, at nothing but toast and jelly because it was easy and I had it (didn’t have to go to store) or went to bed hungry because even toast was too difficult.

    Also, please excuse my goofy American-ness, but I think that the fact that you say “hoover” instead of “Vacuum” is adorable 🙂 I should try to make that a thing here in the states…

  3. Mother Mands says:

    Really informative post, I’ll admit I didn’t have a clue what a ‘spoonie’ was, so it’s really helpful to understand all this!
    I also didn’t have a clue what hypermobility syndrome was, so I looked it up and had a read, was quite suprised to see that some of the symptoms included the ability to place the palms of the hands on the floor with the knees fully extended, Scoliosis (curved/twisted spine), back pain, double jointedness and pain in knees…I had all of these throughout my teenage years, in particular really bad back pain! If my curved spine had of been a bit lower I would of had to had surgery, but it was too high and I did wear a brace for a while. I was really surprised to read all the other things and find out it is an actual condition. I am also very thankful that I don’t suffer with any particular pain anymore, I was one of the lucky ones who as I grew the symptoms improved, but its given me quite an insight into anyone suffering with this into adulthood and having to continually put up with chronic pain!

  4. DeeScribes says:

    I loved the spoon theory the first time I read it, and your example is spot on! I always describe my tasks in terms of the energy expenditure required. On bad energy days, I simply can’t do as much. Great post.

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