#CameronMustGo and the media backlash

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I’ve been following the #CameronMustGo hashtag with great interest. It’s been an opportunity for those of us who have been negatively hurt by the coalition’s policies to amplify our voices. Of course there are a few people who will just throw insults, but I would not like to question their validity in doing so. I’ve met some great people over the last week. Most of whom have heart breaking stories about the hell they’ve been put through. Those who follow me on Twitter @Lubottom, or who regularly read my blog will know that this is something I and my family have been through ourselves. Many of us are too disabled to attend rallies or hold placards and are often spoken about in the media, but denied the opportunity to tell our own stories. So when a hashtag like this, which allows us to have a virtual protest, comes along I…

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Employ me? Work and disability hurdles

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This blog is in aid of Blogging Against Disablism Day. You can find some really fantastic blogs covering all sorts of issues related to disability here, and it’s also worth following both @BADDtweets and #badd2014.

According to our loving government all their cuts are being put in place to help us all in to work. Don’t you know that as people with Disability A can work, then people with Disability B must also be able to? And if someone with a mild version of Disability C can work, then of course someone with a more severe version can too! Why on earth would you want to treat disabled people on a person by person basis when you can treat them as one amorphous mass, those lazy scroungers, they don’t deserve more than that now do they?

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If I told you I’d seen aliens would you give me a front page Daily Express?

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Actually, maybe you would, but only if I claimed the aliens had told me that I could live a life of glamour and excess on benefits.

Never mind that it simply wouldn’t, if I believe it to be the case then you’d report it right? And report it as proof of the benefits system being far too generous? Those little green men in my imagination sure are insightful aren’t they?

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